Shadyon Progressive Heavy Metal Rock Band


Shadyon announces their return with the music video «Tears In Lies»  which foreshadows the artistic ambitions of the band on their next album expected for 2020.

The combination of powerful riffs, AOR melodies and progressive parts gives birth to a unique melodic metal style led by the emotional voice of Emmanuel Créis. The broad influences are similar to bands such as Toto, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, ArK, In Flames, Winger or Evergrey.

Their first album in 2006 launched them to a tour in Brazil punctuated by a visit to the Roca’n’roll Fest and a broadcast on MTV, allowing them to obtain a sponsorship with the WSL guitars. Shadyon shoots there with Angra or Shâman in places as mythical as the Manifesto Bar of Sao Paulo where have evolved among others Metallica, Iron Maiden or Scorpions.

The band released its second opus «Mind Control» in 2010 at Inner Wound Recordings. A mature album, very well received by the media and which allows them to open also for Evergrey or Dark Age.

In recent years, the solo guitarist Shad Mae has presented his solo album «Cup of Tears» under the name of Devoid with the international appearances of Henrik Danhage (Evergrey), Matthias Ia Enklundh (Freak Kitchen) or Magnus Karlsson
(Primal Fear).  For his part, Emmanuel Créis released an album with the symphonic metal band Equinox and participated in 2018 in the program «La Voix» au Québec.

Shadyon is once again ready to conquer the scene, more motivated and determined than ever.

Origin: France
Active Years : 2002 – present


Emmanuel CREIS : Lead vocals, Guitar

Shadyon Progressive Heavy Metal Rock Band

Shad MAE : Lead Guitar

Shadyon Progressive Heavy Metal Rock Band

Dey-vid : Bass Guitar

Shadyon Progressive Heavy Metal Rock Band

Jorris Guilbaud : Clavier

Walter FRANCAIS : Drums

Shadyon Progressive Heavy Metal Rock Band